Meet our Dedicated Staff

The staff at our school, both teaching and non-teaching, are experienced, enthusiastic and highly skilled. They are dedicated to the provision of an exciting, consistent and effective education, which caters for the needs of all children and encourages individual excellence.

The school believes in forging strong links between all stakeholders and encourages parents and carers to maintain regular contact and communication with their child’s teachers regarding child’s education, or any other matter affecting their school life.

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Andy Kozak

West, Shane.jpg

Acting Principal 
Shane West

Wood, Carole.jpg

Business Manager

Carole Wood

Crosbie, Amy.jpg


Amy Crosbie

First Aid
McKie, Amanda.jpg

First Aid Attendant

Amanda McKie

Boyd, Jennifer.jpg

Acting Assistant Principal

Jenni Boyd

Rogers, Timothy.jpg

Teaching & Learning Coach

Tim Rogers

Integration Aide

Dannille Royal

Integration Aide
Royal, Dannille.jpg
Miller, Alison.jpg

Integration Aide

Alison Miller

Sylvia, Kylie.jpg

Integration Aide

Kylie Sylvia

Francis, Lanie.jpg
Condon, Emily.jpg
Frame, Susan.jpg
Preaudet, Carol.jpg
Kemp, Elizabeth.jpg
Sarah Carroll.jpg
Morris, Kerry.jpg
Condon, Emily.jpg
Miller, Kylie.jpg
Hewish, Jessica.jpg
Dettmann, Nicole.jpg
Wood, Ashleigh.jpg
Ahtuam, Mary.jpg
Hollands, Belinda.jpg
Morcombe, Emma.jpg
Walker, Fiona.jpg
Stevens, Susan.jpg
Cairney, Sharon.jpg

Sharon Cairney Visual Art

Bellman Ansell, Lisa.jpg

Lisa Bellman-Ansell

Literacy Support

Mason, Joanna.jpg

Joe Mason

Physical Education

Dawson, Prudence.jpg

Prue Dawson


E. Hager 2019.jpg

Elise Hager


Marshall, Laura.jpg

Laura Marshall

Performing Arts

Wencel, Alexandra.jpg

Alex Wencel

Performing Arts

Johnstone, Patricia.jpg
Morgan, Brenda.jpg