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The Year 4 Kitchen Garden Program has been running at New Gisborne Primary School since 2006. 


In the Kitchen Garden Program students are encouraged to grow their own vegetables, care for them, harvest them, cook with the produce and finally enjoy eating the results of their labour!  


This program has the underlying philosophy that if our children are regularly engaged in activities in both the garden and the kitchen, as well as encouraged to taste and learn about delicious healthy foods, they will understand so much about their natural world and embrace fresh, seasonal produce. It builds invaluable knowledge about good locally grown food and the integral role it plays in our physical and social wellbeing. 


The big idea that we want students to take from this program is that local, seasonal produce contains maximum nutritional value, tastes better and is more economical.


Students in Year 4 participate in weekly sessions that involve either cooking, gardening or science related investigations.

All parent helpers are required to hold a current Working With Children Check and have nominated New Gisborne Primary School as a volunteer organisation. 

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