Student Leadership

Many opportunities exist for students to be involved in leadership roles.

School Leaders are selected from applicants from Year 6 through an interview process. School Leaders have an important role in representing and promoting the school to the community. The School Leaders for 2016 are Connor, Lachlan, Luke, Austin, Ella, Alison, Hope and April.

Student Council  - members from Years Prep to 6 are nominated and elected by their peers. The Student Council represents the views of the student body, communicates with the School Council and undertakes community service activities.

House Captains from Years 5 or 6 are nominated and elected by the members of their sports houses, and assist with the organisation of sports events.

Prep and Year 6 Buddies Program 

Each Foundation student is paired with a Year 6 Buddy. Buddies work together on selected activities where the older student takes on a mentoring role with the younger student. Buddy relationships often extend beyond the classroom, with older students “looking out” for their buddy in the playground. The program aims to develop relationships of trust and responsibility between students as well as leadership skills of Year 6 students.